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  Wishing on a Star! Written by Rosey Moore, Illustrations by Foxhat 

A little star was desperate to take his place in the night sky. But when it came to picking time he was always passed by. He wasn’t as big as the other stars, and in truth, also a little misshapen. This made him feel sad and unwanted. Then one day, a little girl made a wish, a Christmas wish that took the little star on an amazing journey! 
£8.99 + P&P £1.50 

  Bobby Robin Written by Rosey Moore, Illustrations by Foxhat 

Bobby Robin was blessed with the most beautiful singing voice, much to the annoyance of his three brothers. But as they mature into adulthood it seems that Bobby is slightly different from his brothers, a difference that means he is shunned by them, and all the wrens in the neighbourhood! But he soon learns that being different can be okay, in fact it can be more than okay! 
£8.99 + P&P £1.50 

  Building a Community Written by Barry Dore 

How one village achieved its dream. This book tells the story of the eight year project to build a new village hall, in the beautiful Staffordshire countryside. Reflecting on the leadership lessons learned along the way. How, if you work hard enough and surround yourself with the right people and persevere, anything is possible. 
£10.00 + P&P £1.50 

  Animal Babies By Matthew Burley with words by Mel Woodend 

A beautifully illustrated story designed to inspire a love of learning in young children. This picture and story book captures the essence of family life in the natural world, through visually stunning artwork by Matthew Burley, depicting the natural habitat of animals and their babies, and rhyming words by Mel Woodend, to encourage children to read aloud and learn more about the animals and their exciting lives in the wild. 
£9.99 + P&P £1.50 
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