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  Wishing on a Star! Written by Rosey Moore, Illustrations by Foxhat 

A little star was desperate to take his place in the night sky. But when it came to picking time he was always passed by. He wasn’t as big as the other stars, and in truth, also a little misshapen. This made him feel sad and unwanted. Then one day, a little girl made a wish, a Christmas wish that took the little star on an amazing journey! 
£8.99 + P&P £1.50 

  The Almost Very Private Garden Written by Vania Shepherd, Illustrations by Foxhat 

Percy and his friends invite you to join them in the walled garden where they enjoy friendship and watching the gardeners all year round, preparing the ground to plant seeds to grow fresh and healthy fruit and vegetables to enjoy around their dining tables. 
My very first glance at Percy walking around the top of the wall looking down at us one day inspired me to write about him and all the other animals seen in the garden whilst we work, rain or shine. 
Anyone can grow fruit, vegetables and flowers, so why not have go. You can grow seeds in pots and in raised beds, you don’t need lots of space. Go on, it’s easy and its fun. 
£12.99+ P&P £1.50 

  The Secret of Toddle-Cum-Mirton by Janet Timmis 

Set in the village Toddle-cum-Mirton where Lillyanna Mahoney lives. 
Lilyanna’s cousins come to stay with her during the summer holidays, 
where the adventure begins with the discovery of an old rusty box and key. 
The three children search for clues in a gypsy treasure mystery map and 
discover the secrets behind the mysterious visiting bird called Tom. 
Join Lillyanna and her cousins as they explore places, they have never 
been before and learn about times gone by. 
Collect the clues at the bottom of the pages to see if you can help 
Lillyanna and her cousins solve The Secret of Toddle-Cum-Mirton. 
£9.99 +P&P £2.50 

  Granny Glen's Poems by Glen Hughes 

A wide collection of illustrated poems by Glen Hughes. A humorous and entertaining view on life.  
£8.50 + P&P £1.50 
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